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12 simple step to make a Pirate chest

The material to make a Pirate chest:

Cardboard pen (5mm thick) of a thin cardboard (I used food boxes for cats), paint, a sheet of drawing paper, a bit of black corrugated cardboard. Scissors, glue, and finally a compass.

step 1 : 

Here we go, first cutting the foam board the sides of the chest as the picture.
There are two large rectangles, one for front and one behind for.
2 other smaller rectangles for the sides.
Yet another one for the chest floor.
And to finish 2 semicircles to the sides of the top of the chest .

Step 2 :

Assemble the sides with glue to form the chest of the same as the photo.

Step 3 :

In the thick cardboard, cutting the strips that will be glued on the sides of the chest.

Step 4 : 

then glues the same manner as the photo around the chest.

Step 5 : 

It is time to move to the sheet cover. cut sheet "Canson" to the width of your chest, then glue the two half circles on each edge, look at the picture to understand. Then glue strips 3 of thick cardboard to strengthen the trunk lid.

Step 6 : 

To finish chest construction, cutting two other semicircular (look at the picture to see how to cut) and the adhesives on each side of the cover.

Step 7 : 

chest construction  now over, it's time to do some painting.

Step 8 : 

Starts with brown painter components representing the wooden elements of the chest (it \ 's to say all the white parts).

Step 9 :

Then you have to paint the parts in thick cardboard gray.
Paint your chest and over!

Step 10 : 

To attach the cover must be the hinges. Cut into 2 like the picture in the thick cardboard.

Step 11 : 

then the glue behind the chest and gives a fresh coat of paint on it to finish.

Step 11:

You can stop there if you want, but if you are brave you can end up making the lock of the chest .
Cutting in thick cardboard the same skull to that of the photo.

Step 12 :

Then glue there on the front chest and painted by serving you in the picture as a model.

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