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Pokemon coloring page

This is a Pokemon coloring page . On this page you will find : Pokemon Pikachu coloring page .

pikatchu coloring page

Pikachu is an electric Pokémon type mice appeared in the first generation. As Sacha partner, hero of the cartoon drawn the game it is the most famous Pokémon and the official mascot of the license. Pikachu Pokémon is a little chubby looks like a rodent. It is covered with yellow fur. His ears are pointed and their tips are black. It has a small mouth, brown eyes and two red circles on the cheeks. There are bags under his cheeks that generate electricity. His arms are short, with all five fingers, and feet have three toes. It has two brown stripes on the back, and its tail is lightning bolt with a little brown fur at the base. The Pikachu females after the tail V-notch that resembles the top of a c ?? ur. It is classified as a quadruped, but is known to stand and even walk on its hind legs.
kids love Pokemon coloring page, that why i prupose a Pokemon coloring page for kids ( boys ), this Pokemon coloring page is printable , you can also visite other coloring pages (sheets ) for most famous cartoon in coloring pages category in right , to have more fun whit your children give him to creat something , to feel he is creative and to beleive in his self , coloring have a positif effects on kids . 

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